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Ratio legis est anima legis.

– The reason of the law is the spirit of the law.

Court Rolls

Weekly Rolls

The weekly roll contains, inter alia, the list of Civil and Criminal pending cases (including appeals and exceptions but excluding Motion Court Cases) and the list of judges sitting in the various courts to whom such cases have been allocated.

Motion Court Roll

The Motion Court roll contains the list of applications to be heard in the Motion Court, inter alia admissions, unopposed motions, divorce cases, determination of quantum of damages and R43 applications.

Opposed Motion Rolls (Pre-Trails)

The Allocated Opposed Motion Court roll contains the list of opposed motions (applications) and the list of Judges sitting in various courts to whom such cases have been allocated for adjudication.

The Term Rolls

The term roll contains, inter alia, a roster for judges in a given term sitting in the various Free State High Courts.

Supreme Court Term Rolls

Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa Court Term Rolls

Supreme Court Roll Archives

Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa Court Roll Archives

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All who earn their living engaged in practicing the law are called lawyers, including judges, magistrates, advocates, attorneys, and university lecturers. There are two main branches of legal practitioners:

Attorneys are the business managers of cases and they decide when an advocate is or is not necessary to be engaged to act for the clients. Advocates have no direct contact with clients. For this reason advocates are said to be in a referral profession. Attorneys are the lawyers that clients see first with their problems. Attorneys give general advice in the law. Advocates (also called counsel) get briefed by attorneys to take on cases when a specialist skill is needed in a court case or in research into the law.


Senior Advocates

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Our Courts

Recesses Supreme Court of Appeal

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High Court Contact Details

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Court Notices

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Fields of Law Practice

Some of the Fields of Law Practices

  • Arbitration Law
  • Banking, Cheque & Financial Services Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Business Law
  • Family Law

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Committees 2018/2019 04 June 2018 NUUS VOLKSBLAD Die Vrystaatse vereniging vir advokate se raad is onlangs verkies. Op die foto is van links, voor: advv. Joubert Zietsman, ere-sekretaris, Paul Zietsman SC, voorsitter, Neil Snellenburg SC, onder voorsitter, en Seef...



JP MALHERBE MEMORIAL: On 01 June 2017, at a special sitting of the motion court, a tribute was held in honour of the late former Judge President of the Free State High Court Division Judge President Jacobus Petrus Malherbe.  In attendance was his widow, their two...

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